The Island between mountains

Robledo is like an oasis in the middle of the high peaks of the Villuercas. Although it enjoys a peaceful, almost flat terrain, it is surrounded by mountains of around 1,000 meters.

The geology is capricious and original; here the lines of mountain ranges that start from the massif are broken, the fluvial courses turn abruptly their direction making curves to get out of the closed gorges, the V-shaped cut of the rest of the valleys changes here to a pleasant peneplain.


A fast route in which the high peaks are circumvented by accessible passes, the valleys are not very deep and where only the Ibor River will be the only obstacle to overcome in the rainy season. A difficult route but not comparable to the rough alternatives.

It really is a remote site despite being located only 20 minutes from the southern exit of the Miravete Tunnel and 40 minutes from Navalmoral de la Mata through Castañar de Ibor. These are the only two ways to get there by car, in both cases magnificent roads that glide over a relentless terrain, jumping mountains and rivers with no apparent effort.

The town center is small; it has a nice walk along the old main street, to turn around by the new road that has become the center of the town and where we can find bars, restaurants and stores that do not serve as supplies.

At the west end is the church; the most visible reforms are those of the sixteenth century and the twentieth century: the first secured the nave and decorated the interiors and the second left us an iron bell tower, which if it had a curious design would be an originality of this region.