El Collado de las Ovejas Route

The departure point is at Plaza de San Blas, next to the bus stop. We pass in front of the medical office in the direction of Cerro Gordo until we reach the pylon where the signposting begins.

The path, once a cattle crossing, runs between dry stone walls and leaving on the right the detour that leads to the Cerca de las Viñas and its stream we reach the REgatos de las Tripas and its watering place for livestock. We continue walking among immense groves with different varieties of trees (oak, chestnut, fig, olive, laurel…).



Ruta El Collado de las Ovejas

We cross again another small stream to reach the well known Arroyo Pilillas. Going up we leave on the right the crossing of the shady Carabal, a mountain range that accompanies us along our route. At this point, the route presents two options:

On the one hand, we can climb the impressive Collado de las Ovejas, which offers magnificent panoramic views of the remains of the Castillo de Cabañas and the Sierra Valdelaorden.

The second option is to follow the vpivots to reach the path of Navazos. We advance towards the pine forests, leaving behind and to the right the road to Roturas, as indicated by the signs.

We continue our route passing again in front of another pylon of cattle use and we leave on the right the access to the old Camorrro Mine near the company CISTEX that is dedicated to the extraction of gum and rockrose essences. We advance until we reach the water tanks that supply the town and to the right we see the Cancho Barderas known by the name of Canchino. Very soon we arrive at the Fuente del Corcho, an old washing place, and approximately 150 meters further on we reach a crossroads.

Here there are three possibilities: the first is to take the left lane to reach the starting point of our route; the second is to continue straight ahead on the paved street that leads to the road; and the last one is to take the right lane: Camino de los Arrieros that passes by the San Blas cooperative.