Cueva Oscura and Cueva Clara Route

The first time you see this cave, you almost have to stop me when you see a huge, almost square-shaped hole at the base of the cliffs of the Sierra del Carabal.

It was so big that you almost can’t believe it, it looks shallow, at least at the top. Their suggestive names incite us to enter them; one in the umbria, the Oscura, and the other on the opposite side is known as Cueva Clara, in the solana…

An excursion can be organized practically all year round, avoiding the sunny hours.



Ruta a Cueva Oscura
12 Kms.
3,30 h.
Sendero Local

Strong footwear, preferably high boots, is almost obligatory, as there is a section that passes through the well-known casqueras, real rivers of stones that are quite safe and unpredictable at the same time.

It is not advisable to walk on wet rock. It is important to bring water and a hat for the sunny weather.

Above all do not leave anything of yours, especially garbage, do not interfere in animal life, in the forests, in general… leave everything as it was, if you see something strange or out of place inform the authorities. Thank you very much p