El Canchal Route

We leave by the street that starts just below and to the right of the Town Hall, passing by the tobacconist’s shop. The route is signposted as such a little further on from the pylon for livestock use that we can see on the road that leads to Campilllo de Deleitosa.

Approximately 1 kilometer further on we leave on the right the Fuente de los Palos and the natural spot known as Robledillo and on the left the detour that leads to the cemetery of Robledollano.



Ruta El Canchal

We continue with the signaling, leaving on the left the detour that takes us to the Regato del Huesal and continue along the path on the right admiring magnificent oaks and chestnut trees to the Puente de la Huertas, where the shady part of this route ends.

From here begins the sunshine and the landscape that we can enjoy with its most dominant species that are represented along our “botanical path”: oaks, chestnut trees, olive trees, gall oaks, elder trees, junipers, strawberry trees, rockroses, brooms, heathers, lavender, etc….

During our tour we are also accompanied by the Sierra de la Madera on the right and Arroyo del Canchal on the left until we reach an ecular cork oak and the Arroyos de los Cimientos, an ideal place for a rest.

Our route passes in front of numerous olive groves and orchards; leaving behind other detours, we arrive at the ruins of the so-called Casa y Fuente del Canchal.

Finally, the last section of this route leads us to the Collado de las Carboneras, so called because in the past, in this place coal was made from heather. From here we can enjoy impressive panoramic views of the towns of Fresnedoso, Campillo and Deleitosa.