Viejas Valley Route

The City Council to promote tourism in the area from 2015 begins to perform the activity annually, hoping that it will be consolidated as one of the great hiking trails within our Geopark Villuercas Ibores Jara.

It has a distance of approximately 20 km in continuous and almost always smooth descent. The duration is about 5 hours,

It is one of the most beautiful roads to travel, and there are also many pilgrims who go to Guadalupe.



Valle del Viejas
20 kms
4 horas
Sendero Local

It starts at the Collado de la Arena, in front of the Pozo de las Nieves, at the foot of the Villuercas peak where the participants meet. A bus leaves from Robledollano to take participants to the pass. It ends in our municipality.

It is one of the most beautiful roads to travel, there are also many pilgrims who come from Romangordo, Fresnedoso de Ibor, Higuera de Albalat etc, they use it to go to Guadalupe on the day of our patron saint (September 8), some schools in Madrid also make it overnight in Robledollano.

We invite all those nature lovers to do it as it runs almost always near the river, through spectacular rocky areas, huge chestnut and cork oak groves, irrigated meadows and finally through oak groves and rocky areas until you reach Robledollano. A live show all year round.