La Nava Chapel

This place known as La Nava, is one of the places of reference in the culture and history of Robledollano. The whole town remembers the Nava, in one way or another it remains in the local ideology as a very own space, ancestral, a space to find oneself.

Here there was a stable population that came to an end in the 18th century, although it was never completely abandoned until the 20th century, as many people found resources for their lives in these mountains, where absolutely nothing is lacking.

La Nava is also a place of recovery, of return. The wayside shrine was built between 2006 and 2008.


processions were already taking place on the feast of San Isidro. When the work on the hermitage was completed, the pilgrimage was institutionalized, normally held on the Saturday closest to May 15, to facilitate the attendance of many residents who live outside the municipality.

This dream arose in 2005, but it was especially in 2007 and 2008, thanks to the workdays, donations and economic collaboration of some 300 people, mostly residents of the village but also from many other towns that feel a certain fondness for this place.

is a day to enjoy nature, the panoramic views and the fresh air that is breathed in one of the most beautiful places of the geopark villuercas equal Jara. and, of course, a day of socializing with family and friends, with good food and drink and a general joy and willingness to have a good time.

The surrounding fauna is another of the protagonists. La Nava is one of the best big game hunting territories, and the hunting that takes place in the area is highly appreciated. The deer or the javalí abound among the closed mountains of rockrose and undergrowth. It is a good place for sightings, especially during the rutting season, when these animals are more exposed and it is easy to see them.

Being far away from all conventional routes, the site has preserved environmental values highly regarded by naturalists from all over the world. The quietness of the environment, the ruggedness of the land and the few crops that remain in the environment favor an important development of flora and fauna.

Many people have their hearts set on this place. In a way, all this recovery is the greatest tribute we can pay to our great-grandparents, our grandparents and our parents. many people who found here a real home, a place where the sun and the sweat of every day were the traveling companions of a life dedicated to work and family.

given that these lands belonged to the jurisdiction of Deleitosa we find the oldest information in the archives of this town: at the end of the XVIII century it says: A long league from this town there is an uninhabited place called the Village of Naba and Quejigal, street of this town, which in the years of five hundred eighty-five I say one thousand five hundred eighty-five was with twenty-five inhabitants according to news and its depopulation according to the same ones come from the old wars of Portugal.