In the Land of their Ancestors

The oak must have been much more widespread than it is today, especially in the plain where the village is located.

The reddish color of the earth is not appreciated by the green blanket that covers everything: oak forests, oaks, cork oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees, also the closed thicket of cistus, heather, thyme ….

The settlement must have been very old as it was located in a natural pass and enjoyed ideal conditions for settlement.


We are located in the central point of the northern Geopark, where the valleys heading northwest have been broken by the effect of a great earth movement. The road takes advantage of this fault to jump from the west to the east, crossing other mountain systems that are breathtaking.

The most broken, deepest, most intimate landscapes are developed in valleys as mythical in the local culture as Viejas, Las pilillas or the source of the Garganta Descuernacabras.

The summits are unexplored and the hand of man is very limited and localized, so that nature expands at ease, displaying its best clothes, the most spontaneous environments and endless postcards that will remain in the memory.