Casa Grande

O del Señor de los Estados del Marqués de la Conquista. This is the only house in the village that has a coat of arms. It is also the most notable construction of robledollano, in fact it is popularly known as La Casa Grande.

It is the coat of arms of the Altamíranos, one of the 3 conquering families of Trujillo, after the last assault they were granted half of the city, its revenues and territories. A land that reached here from the east.


The old Royal Street divided the town in two and as we can see, the Lord of Cabañas wanted to have a large house here. These lands were within what was known as the State of the Marqués de la Conquista, descendants of Francisco Pizarro. Later, the property became the property of the Viscount of Amaya. Hello properties that they maintained until the 19th century.

as can be seen, in the past it was split in two. the newest part is also the most recent, it replicates the shield, giving it colors and details that the original does not have. the shield is formed by the ten roëls,

We see a huge facade, especially considering the size of the rest of the houses in the town. on the left side, during the civil war it was used as a barracks for the Guardia Civil, and also as a dungeon. In the following years some renovations were made and it became a bar. It is the leftmost area, with a small door and window.

In this newer part, there were large doors leading to a central courtyard. there was a Poplar Today, the summer court of the adjoining restaurant is located in this courtyard, where the oxen and horses owned by the Marquis of the Conquest used to roam. They were practically self-sufficient houses, nothing was lacking for the development of daily life. even had a wood-fired oven to bake bread.

In its interior there is a cellar that was used as a wine cellar, there they elaborated wines of very good quality that they kept in enormous jars, very close to the village still remains the name of the fence of the vineyard.

This house was visited by important personalities of the country, mainly friends of the Viscount of Amaya, who at the beginning of the last century came to hunt in the area. there are even press reviews that talk about these meetings. in 1915 the ABC newspaper tells us: “yesterday began the hunting organized by the viscount of Amaya in his possessions of Robledollano. the dukes of Arion, Zaragoza and Castillejos and the Marquis of Viana are there with the owner. the hunting will last a week”.