Virgen de las Nieves Chapel

This modest building is located on the Hoyuela road, very close to the Castañar road. As soon as we leave the village, a path leads to one of the most beautiful corners of the topography of Robledollano.

In less than a kilometer we will be at the crossroads where the hermitage is located.

It was carried out in June 1998 by a group of Civil Guards stationed in the town. From them came the initiative to build a place of worship to the Virgin of Las Nieves.


Several cork oaks complement the image of the hermitage, with its gabled roof topped with a bell that supports the cross. It has a square floor plan, about four meters high.

The door has a semicircular arch and is oriented to the north, on its sides and above there are some tiles that inform about the year of construction, the dedication of the hermitage and the phrase “Quien busca a Jesús lo encuentra en María” (Whoever looks for Jesus finds him in Mary) respectively.

On the side walls there are small windows that bring light to the interior, on the right side there is a marble plaque with the names of those who participated in its construction.

We can look through the glass of the door, as it is almost always closed. In front we find the main altar surrounded by vases and abundant floral decoration and escorted by two crucifixes.

The image of the Virgen de las Nieves presides, a carving that seems to be modern, although we do not know how it was made. The white mantle, the crown and above all the expressiveness of her face will attract our attention.

The corners are covered with small images of the Virgin and Child and a Sacred Heart of Jesus.

On the side walls we have another small carving of an evangelist and the most striking wooden sculpture of St. Blaise, a recent work of a local artist who has left this original display of contemporary religious art.

Next to the door we can sit on benches that will refresh our step and help to contemplate the landscapes that are formed by the succession of mountains in front of us: The Risco de la Reyerta very close, its crests and unexplored corners giving way to the magic of Viejas, the Sierra de Torneros and behind, even larger is Rontomé auguring the neighboring Ibores.

Nearby are the ruins of the Sanatorium, a must-see typical construction from the middle of the last century. Another option is to continue walking to Paraje de la Hoyuela.