Miners in all Times

Mining is a reference in the local culture. In the village there are old farms that nobody knows when they worked, toponyms, documents that speak of these works since the sixteenth century and remains from prehistoric times.

What the elders do know is the activity in the mines of Ibor and the hustle and bustle of the Herrería de Viejas, the last great mining factory of the Villuercas Ibores Jara. Many Oaksmen made their living underground in the 1950s and 1960s.


The cave paintings and forts in the surrounding area are the first remains that we find, after which there are long periods in which we know nothing. The caves of the sierra are the first mines in history.

The Romans intensified the mining works that were carried out in ancient times, especially in the valley of the Ibor, although here in the Viejas river, there are many ancient ironworks.

The Molino de la Venta is an industry of which there are still visible remains of the dam, the aqueduct of more than a kilometer long and the trunk of the blacksmith’s shop.

The last miners from Robledollano worked in Castañar de Ibor, in Mina Lolita.