New Year’s Eve. Lumbre de los Quintos

The festival was revived in 2003, since it had not been held for some time. Although nowadays military service is no longer performed, tradition has it that the young men who had reached the age of five used to go on rounds throughout the town. They offered sangria or brandy, and asked for sausage from the slaughter of the year, and then on New Year’s Eve, offered to the whole town a typical Extremaduran migas with a dance.

Nowadays, the quintos gather firewood in the forest, either from dry chestnut trees, holm oaks or olive trees, and make a lumbrinary. The new year is lit with the arrival of the new year, they invite everyone to some churros with chocolate in which the City Council collaborates. On New Year’s Day in the afternoon they play music. offer refreshments with appetizers, are invited to all neighbors and visitors.